Vintage Huge Coney Island Astroland Dante’s Inferno Dark Ride Funhouse Devil


Vintage huge Coney Island Astroland Dante’s Inferno Devil in as found condition. We purchased the whole ride and parting with the most elaborate fiberglass figure attached to the ride. Measurements are as follows making this figure almost 60′ long.
Main center section:
7′ tall
5 “deep.
11 ‘wide
Arm with  fork 5 ‘long and 7’ tall
Arm 5′ long
Wings are 19′ long and 6′ high.
Google Dante’s Inferno for a closer look at this massive piece. It can be yours. May never have the opportunity to purchase something this historical from the World Famous Astroland, Coney Island, NY. again………..
cinferno.jpg (286×320)



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