Vintage Coin Operated Telescope


Coin operated MarkI weatherproof telescope manufactured by SeeCoast Manufacturing, Fairhope, Alabama. Placed in the right setting, this telescope will give you, your family and friends hour of fun and enjoyment. Have fun spying on your neighbors or even that “hottie” down the black……….

Spec’s are as follows:

Seecoast Mark I Coin-Operated Telescope

Color: Nitro Blue

Height: 57″

Weight: Mark I – 85 pounds

Castings: 356 Alum. Alloy

Column: – 4 1/2″ Diameter

Telescope Width: Mark I – 9″

Telescope Length: Mark I – 25″

Base: 30″ Diameter

Power: Mark I – 20X

Field of View: Mark I – 121′ at 1,000 Yards


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