Vintage Animated Last Supper Wax Figures


Vintage animated Last Supper wax figure display in as found condition. In our 40 plus years in business, this is one of the most unusual items we ever purchased. Originally shown at the 1933 World’s Fair and throughtout it lifetime as a carnival sideshow attraction up until about 15 years ago. Showing its age and in need of restoration, the previous owner attempeted to convert from mechanical to compressed air the figures movements. He got so far and do to failing health abandoned the project after having the figures faces professionally restored by the hand of Madame Tussauds artists. The mechanicalĀ  body movement mechanisms were removed and replaced with compressed air cylinders but never completed. Most of the mechanical devices were kept andĀ could be restored to its original condition. One of a kind. A true collectors item. Ask questions if interested……….

last supper wax 1 last supper wax 2 last supper wax 3 last supper wax 5 last supper wax 6 last supper wax 7 last supper wax 10 last supper wax 11 last supper wax 12 last supper wax 13 last supper wax 14 last supper wax 15 last supper wax 16 last supper wax last supper wax4 last supper wax8 last supper wax9



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