Vintage Amusement Park Boardwalk Carnival Clown Balloon Water Race Game Shooting Gallery


Vintage amusement park, traveling carnival, boardwalk clown balloon  water shooting gallery game in as found condition. Unit is being sold “As Is” not tested but appears to be complete with everything needed to get it functioning again with the exception of one missing Skinner valve that regulates water flow on gun number 7 and whatever mechanism needed to attach the “jones plugs” to. All electronics, breakers and switches are included as are 10 original clown heads and guns. Last used a few years before the pandemic, stored away for maintenance but never returned to the road as the carnival went out of business. Never owing or operating a game like this, not sure exactly how it works or goes together. Own a piece of history as this unit has age and was manufactured in Asbury Park, New Jersey. More pictures can be provided, just call, text or email……

Back 29 wide ,77 “tall  and 12’ 6” long
counter 38” tall ,19″deep and 12’6″ long



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