Replica Steeplechase Park Plaster Funny Face Medallion from Coney Island NY


Custom made replica, Steeplechase Park plaster FUNNY FACE from Coney Island, NY. 28″ tall x 20″ wide and 6″ deep. Made of space age plaster that looks authentic but is stronger than plaster or paper mache. Heads are made using photo’s of the original heads that hung in Steeplechase Park. Fred Fried a collector from NY saved 9 of the original heads after the destruction of the park. While not an exact replica , these heads still capture the authenticity of the originals. Made in limited quantities and made to order taking roughly 30 hours to complete. Orders are being taken now, so secure your place in line. Quantities are limited and prices are subject to change. Call or text for current availability and price.



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