Japanese-American WWII Recruitment / Internment Camp Warning Poster From Hawaii


Our most historic find ever. In Hawaii during WWII, the US was more forgiving when it came to imprisonment of Japanese American civilians as opposed to the mainland. They only imprisoned community leaders, religious leaders and business owners that of Japanese decent. The rest were allowed to go about their lives, however, they were encouraged/pushed to speak English, join up and follow a more Americanized way of life as the threat of imprisonment was very real. Sort of a subtle warning to the Japanese Americans where if they were not to follow along with this, they might be imprisoned as well. This is the FIRST EVER recruitment poster geared towards Japanese-Americans to ever be found. This poster was also exclusive to Hawaii. Any Japanese-American who joined up would have joined the 442nd infantry regiment, the most decorated regiment in US history. Robert M. Jones was the artist behind this poster (see additional photo with the posters in his office in Hawaii during the war). Robert would go on to win 6 Grammys for his art work on album covers in the 60s. He designed posters during the war and they were obtained directly from his family. Measures 15.75×20”


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