Antique Masonic Lodge Fraternal Initiation DeMoulin Bros & CO. Goat


Antique Masonic Lodge fraternal iniation goat in as found condition.

Goat carts, made by DeMoulin Bros., were used by Lodges and Fraternal Groups during initiation ceremonies. An inductee would ride the goat blindfolded while being pushed around the room by Lodge members. The DeMoulin Bros. first product was made in 1892 and quickly became a popular item, especially with Mason and Odd Fellow Lodges.

The Goat is usually the first “stunt” introduced to a candidate; he is hoodwinked in ante-room and when he enters the Lodge room he is picked up and placed on the Goat and given a ride several times around the Lodge room and dismounted in front of the Chief Officer’s Station, where he is presented for instructions. Hard to find. Now own one for your riding pleasure. Display as is or have restored, it’s up to you…………

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