Antique General Store Oak Ice Box Cooler


Vintage general store oak ice box cooler last used in a now closed florist shop in upstate New Jersey. Cooler started its life at a general store , moved in 1966 to its last location and used as a florist cooler for flowers after being altered to fit. What you’re  buying are sections to be reinstalled to fit your needs.  Section measurements:

Butcher Door:   33″wide x 6′ high x 6″ thick

Front Frame with 3 glass doors:  10′ 6″ long x 74″ tall

Top piece with beveled glass panels: 10′ 6″ long x 29″ tall

Top right side piece with solid oak door:  29″ high x 45″ wide

Bottom right side glass panel:  66″ tall x 45″ wide

No cooling unit included.

Some damage to wood, so restoration will be necessary.

Measurements are close to accurate. If you need exact measurements, please call or email……….






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