1940’s Animated Christmas Toy Store Window Display


EXCELLENT condition. All of the characters are complete, the colors are still bright , no stains or cracks……I gave it a little “tune-up” and it operates perfectly. All of the little animation effects are cool…elf nailing the sled together, another elf paints a drum, one is spinning a wheel on a wagon (has a little ratchet mechanism so he keeps it spinning in the same direction not just back and forth…one sewing a doll, jack in the box clown pops up and down while Santa rocks his whole body back and forth and nods his head…elf on the rocking horse…..Uses these neat old solenoid “motors” with no moving parts to wear out…. Even has the original cord and tag still on it. Two wood frame sections are in great shape and bolt together and have a fuse protected link. Edge of the wooden frame is covered in those old snow crystals that looks like sugar……. Just a great example!


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