1940’s Amusement Park Penny Arcade Mutoscope Drive-Mobile


1940’s amusement park penny arcade Mutoscope Drive Mobile in as found condition. Cabinet shows some wear but the mechanical parts look to be all there. Someone added a speaker that’s not original to the machine. Top glass has been cracked and is missing the word Mutoscope but otherwise the glass is original and has the important section identifying “Drive Mobile. Some parts of the graphics have been updated and front wheels are misisng on the car. Has not been plugged in so not sure what features work. Missing the front clear glass but the large center screened glass looks to be in very good condition. Nice machine and hard to find…………

drivemoblie mutoscope

drivemoblie mutoscope 1 drivemoblie mutoscope 2 drivemoblie mutoscope 3 drivemoblie mutoscope 4 drivemoblie mutoscope 5 drivemoblie mutoscope 6 drivemoblie mutoscope 7 drivemoblie mutoscope 8


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